Sexy pistol – monster glass dildo

#22222 Sexy Pistol

Mature fuck dildo

-Cold it in the fridge or heat it in hot water to feel a different sensation
-super hard
-super smooth

Our Sexy Pistol dildo is made from Pyrex and can be heated or cooled to add different sensations during lovemaking and play.

But it’s also large enough to fill even the most demanding of users.

Vibrant colors and a unique design make this a must-have for anyone who enjoys solo play or couples looking for something slightly different in the bedroom.

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Like a little Jekyll and Hyde in your bedroom play?

Grab a hold of this Sexy Pistol – super hot dildo!

And unleash the animal inside of you with this extra sensual vagina and butt dildo glass sex toy.

Surprise your lover (or yourself!) with this perfectly blown penetration monster glass dildo designed to help you find the key to mind blowing orgasms…

and then some.


– The sex toy gun is built to last a lifetime, hypoallergenic, dishwasher safe, slicker than traditional materials,

non-porous, lubes last longer, tempered for high durability and doctor recommended.


If that doesn’t get you excited, please note that super cock is the single fastest growing trend in the sex toy industry.

Women can’t get enough of these hard most extreme sex toys and men can’t resist using these sex toys either on themselves or on their partners.


– So, stop wandering and get on the highway to heaven… heavenly orgasms that are? With this mature glass dildo and anal plug.

This perfectly shaped super dildo, crafted by the masterminds at pyrex glassworks, will drive you wild with its revolutionary glass construction and perfect shape designed to help you unleash your wildest fantasies and orgasms.

And if that doesn’t tickle you pink, this fun little combo sex toy makes it child’s play to unleash the hidden pleasures of prostate and g-spot stimulation to help you reach a whole new level of masturbation pleasure.

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