You may wonder how Love Toys are packed and inspected prior to delivery:

Will the toys keep in good condition when they arrived in my warehouse after 30 days’ shipping?

Will the shipping cartons squash when I received the shipment?

Do I need to change gift box by spending more labor and time costs?



Let one of our masturbator’s SOP speak (only some contents show in order to protect customer’s information.)

  1. Incoming raw materials’ QC:
  2. packing material inspection



  1. ABS Case inspection


  1. Masturbator inspection


  1. Cardboard and shipping carton inspection

Shipping marks printed right and K=K carton faultless



  1. Assembling processing


  1. Wearing gloves


  1. Insert masturbator into ABS inside case


  1. Put on outside case


  1. Packing


  1. Fold gift box


  1. Insert bottom blister tray and instruction manual


  1. Cover top blister tray, fold gift box and seal.



  1. Semi-finished and Finished toy QC


  1. Smudged case not acceptable


  1. Rating label in the right position


  1. Gift box with chopped serial number and all parts packed in


  1. Finished toy gift box is sealed in the middle.


  1. Packing, shipping carton, and pallet


  1. 20pcs in a shipping carton, cardboard inside top and bottom carton.


  1. Seal tape in “I”


  1. 20ctns on a pallet and shrink wrapped.


  1. Email detail Packing list, container loading photo, shipment advice, etc. to customer.


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